So, what are we all about?


Marty Party is an Australian based non-profit initiative for at risk and disadvantaged young adults. Our mission statement is to bring the light to those in need through interactive media, community and belonging. Marty Party has a small volunteer staff and over 300 international members.

More than a movement.

The Marty Party is fastest growing non-profit youth movement in Australia.[1]

Our own social change.

Our primary mission is always focused within our organisation. Our members are always our priority.

The sum of our members.

Members and staff take command in a flat organisational hierarchy . We work together, on ourselves.

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Marty Party founders. 2015.

Our History

Founded on the doorstep of 52 Rosebud Circuit  in 2015 with high hopes and even higher ambitions. Early success was found in youth intervention programs aimed at finding & helping at risk individuals.

Regular events and tournaments began and on November 2015 the first Windjammers Nationals  were underway. The tournament featuring 18 contestants brought local interest and renewed ambitions for the organisation.

Development  began in earnest May 2016 when private funding injected a new spurt of growth. This was the start of what Marty Party is today. Chapters were starting in capital cities across Australia. This rapid growth was the beginning of some other changes in the organisation as well.

Today we are working towards the next stage in our development, still with high hopes with promises of changing world. We move forward.

Our Legacy

Founded on the principles of Martin "Martin Party" Brain. We made it our mission to bring the light to those in need through interactive media, community and belonging. Just as Martin Party did.

Today we have over 300 members in over 14 different countries. We continue to hold the light just as we know Martin would have.

Martin “Martin Party” Brain – 1982 – 2005